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Become a Member
Alton Business Association Membership Benefits
   • Involvement in Community Events
        – Sponsorship Opportunities
        – Visibility through Press Coverage
   • Pride in being a member of the Alton Business Community & Surrounding area
   • Support one another in Celebrations and Adversities
   • Support Citizens of Town of Alton and Surrounding area
   • Assist with Community Growth
   • Protect the Culture, Heritage and Environment of Alton area
   • Promote Local Businesses and Products
   • Organized Networking
   • Gain Respect and Support from Town Government
   • Achieve Successes with Collective Resources – “In numbers we have strength”
   • Listing on Business Association website with direct links to your business website and
     advertising space online
   • Public Forums
If you have additional questions about membership feel free to contact us at


Fees are:

$50.00/year beginning January 1st.
$25.00 if you join anytime between July 1st – December 31st.
After July 1st, you may also choose to pay $75.00 for the remainder of the current year and the coming year

Please complete the application and send it with your membership fee to:

Membership Committee, Alton Business Association, P. O. Box 1641, Alton, NH 03809

To download a printable application click here: